Ower Shooting Ground
Ower Shooting Ground

DTL ( Down The Line )



Squads of five shooters shoot a round of 25 targets each.


Shooting alternately, starting with shooter number one, they shoot five targets from each peg before moving ‘down the line’ to the right. (Number 5 to stand 1).


The First shooter to start the layout will always start each time in all the cages they move to.


This continues until each shooter has shot five targets from all five pegs.

Full use of the gun is allowed with 3 points for a first barrel kill and 2 for a second barrel.


A perfect score is therefore 25 kills, 75 points.


Five Stands are positioned 3 yards apart, the trap house covered is placed 16 yards infront of the Stands with an available 50 Yards of killing range from the Stands.


As shown in my own drawing the DTL layout.


25 Bird DTL only available at Ower Shooting Ground Shooting Ground.

English Sporting



English Sporting usually presents the shooter with two different targets. The targets used are normally quartering targets, crossers, driven, overhead, rabbits, springing teal amongst others the course creator might feel is challenging. Today, As the most popular form of clay shooting, English Sporting provides a shooting environment that offers different layouts and a constant challenge.


The targets can be launched as singles or pairs. The pair would consist either of one target, then the second being launched the instant a shot is fired or both targets fired at the same time (Simo)


An average competition at Ower may comprise of around 8/9 stands used to shoot 60 targets. Differing variations allow more targets and stands to be used and in a large competition there may be as many as 12 different stands and 100 targets.


There is no set way of selecting stands and shooters can select in a random order if they wish. The Stands will have signs telling the shooter how many pairs are to be shot in the stand and what they are. (L – R Crosser  O/R  Teal)


The shooter has an option to call for the target with the gun in or out of their shoulder.

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